Clash Royale Review

Supercell developed and published a video game called the Clash Royale, A fermium mobile strategy game and a mix of elements from tower defense game, where you summon spells and troops that help you defeat your opponent’s towers, collectible card games, and online multiplayer battle arenas. It might look simple and easy but there is much more to this game than meets the eye.

It was soft-launched on February 16, 2016 for Androids and January 4, 2016 for iOs platforms in Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Hongkong, Iceland, New Zealand, Finland and Denmark. It was released on March 2, 2016 for both, globally. In the US, it became the top-grossing and most downloaded app after its release.

This is a mini-mobile MOBA game and a spin-off of the game Clash of Clans. The game is a clever card system where you can put cards in and out of your deck. There are two lanes, yours and your opponent’s. Each player has 3 towers that need protecting but, basically, the aim of the game is to destroy more towers than your opponent’s. You win a crown for each tower you destroy, and you can win an automatic three crowns, if you destroy the “King’s Tower”, in the middle. Before starting, you can choose 8 types of cards you want to use for battle. Although, in the very beginning of the game, we all start with a default deck. Don’t worry so much yet because the developers made tutorials to guide you from the start. The game ranks the players according to their level and their arena. Thirteen makes the maximum level. There are a total of nine arenas in the game, inclusive of the Training Camp. The Training Camp is where you start to play. As soon as you finish the training, you are then matched with a player of the same rank, online. During the battle, you have a hand and the hand has 4 slots. As you use them, it fills the empty slots with random cards from the deck of the 8 that you chose. The cards are your defense or offense units. They may contain troops like spear goblins, Valkyrie, giants, Bomber, Goblins, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Musketeer, Giant, Skeleton Army, or spells like arrows, fireballs and etc. Actually, some are characters from the Clash of Clans game. You can launch your troops by selecting a card and then selecting a location, the AI takes over from there and directs them to their functions. These cards can only be used when you have enough elixirs and each card requires a certain amount of elixirs. This is where the game starts challenging you. There are cards that require more elixirs, and there are some that don’t require so much but, each card has different abilities and limitations like Hit points, Damage per second, Hit speed, Area Damage, Targets, Speed, Range, and Deploy Time. You need to think of which units to launch alone or together but, each battle you match with lasts for around 4 minutes so you have to think fast. Maybe even study your cards before getting a match because, as you lose a battle, you lose trophies as well. Progressing to the next arena would require a certain amount of trophies. These arenas are the Training Camp, Global Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, the Pekka’s Playhouse, the Spell Valley, Builder’s Workshop, Royal Arena, and Legendary Arena , consecutively. I love the challenge of thinking about strategies to win a battle, and what makes this game more challenging are the 8 cards that load randomly in your hand. You might have an idea about what cards you will get but you will never know what cards will appear on your hand during battle. It can be very fun and frustrating as you progress through levels, arenas or as you battle to earn trophies. You will get the hang of it when you put in enough man hours. So just enjoy the game.

clash royale game review

When you have won a certain number of times, you level up and as you level up you get to access or unlock different types of cards. The cards you get access to will widen your variety of units and as you get more cards, you will get to choose a better hand to use in battle. Winning battles get you chests that contain gold, cards and trophies or rewards that can boost a card’s damage or health points and other stats. You can hold a maximum of 4 chests and you have to open them to free the slots. As you level up or progress through the game, you will receive chests that will take more time to open than the first few ones. The types of Chests are the Silver Chest, which takes 3 hours to open, the Gold Chest, which takes 8 hours, the Giant Chest and the Magical Chest, which takes 12 hours, and the Super Magical Chest, which takes 24 hours. Chests can be truly rewarding depending on their kind and their contents. Gems and Gold are the currency of the game. You may also use your gems to open the chests right away because waiting is just too much sometimes. If you have used up all your Gems or Gold for upgrades and the like, don’t worry too much because you will be given a free Chest every 4 hours so you would not totally be money less. Not only that, everyday, you will achieve a Crown Chest if you manage to acquire 10 crowns through your victories. Players may also make or join clans. If you have played the Clash of clans, this will be too familiar for you. Clan members can engage in battles with each other where in loses will not affect ether’s inventories. Members can also request or donate cards to each other and get gold and experience through that and acquire an increase in level. If you are interested in clash royale hack then you can follow our homepage content which has good information about the game hack.

At times, waiting can be cumbersome and battling with matches online might get you more loses than wins, and so it would mean it would take longer to get those Gems and Gold up. Luckily, if you are not to against it, you can use real life money to purchase those currencies in the play shop. You might say, “What?! but I thought it was for free?” It is for free but, you would have to have the patience of a student waiting to graduate or a father waiting outside the delivery room to actually continue playing the game. Actually, a lot of people have found themselves paying a not very handsome amount to continue playing. The reward of enjoying might have been sufficient enough for all the gamers out there.

You can interact with more people through this game by joining their tournaments and events. I am so looking forward to these encounters and level up.

I would really recommend you to play this awesome game. It would definitely keep you at the edge of your seat. I definitely found myself enjoying my hours with this game. I love how clever this mobile app is and how it keeps my mind on the go and working. I am certainly not wasting my time playing this game. For a sure success in your battling adventures, you just have to remember a few things, destroy your opponent’s middle tower, defend your own, keep your cards in variation, watch out for the time, boost your most efficient cards first, save Elixir and pair units that complement to cover each others weaknesses. Have fun!