Clash Royale: A Complete Beginners Guide

Clash Royale, developed, published and distributed by Supercell, is a freemium video game released globally for the Android and iOS platforms on March 2, 2016. Since its release, the mobile real-time strategy game has been one of the most popular and most downloaded games. Clash Royale incorporates card-collecting, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena.

For gamers who have just downloaded the game, this guide will help you get started, fight off, establish good defense, take down enemies, and win some battles.


clash royale guide

Here are some of the basic things you need to know about the game.


  1. Currencies

There are two currencies in Clash Royale: gold and gems. You can earn gold from winning battles and from daily free chest a gamer gets every four hours. The gems serve as the premium currency of the game. During the first download of the game, a player is given 100 free gems. Additional gems can be obtained by completing achievements, by purchasing with real money, or by opening chests. Only those free and Crown chests contain gems, from 2-4 gems. While free chests do not always contain gems, crown chests always do.


  1. Fundamentals:


  1. A) Chests: A player can earn chests by winning battles. These chests contain rewards, cards, gold or gems. Each player has four chest maximum slots. However, he can still battle when his chest slots are full, but he will no longer win a chest from that battle.


  1. B) Trophies – These are indicators of a player’s or Clan’s skill ranking. You can gain or lose them by either losing or winning battles.


  1. C) Experience – known as “King Level”, it indicates the level of a player’s Crown Towers. It is gained by upgrading cards and by donating cards to clanmates. It’s also earned by completing Achievements. The experience gained from donations depends on the type of card donated. A rare card is equal to 10 XP and a common card is equal to 1 XP.


  1. D) Clans – This is a feature where gamers come together and try to force themselves to their best capacity while receiving and giving help from clanmates, and engaging with other clans, to demonstrate their skill in the game. A player can only join or start a clan when he reaches level 3. Starting a clan would cost him 1,000 gold. Clans can accommodate up to 50 clan members. Friendly battles can be done in a clan while battle replays can be shared from a player’s own battle log and TV Royale. When in a clan, a player can donate and request cards


  1. D) Achievements – Achievements reward a player through experience and Gems.



The Battle:


A battle is won if a player decimates more Crown towers.  The winning player automatically gets three crowns if he completely decimates the enemy’s King Tower. To sum up, the battle ceases when a player obtains three crowns or decimates an enemy’s King Tower; when a player garners more crown than his enemy after the 3-minute battle; when in  Overtime, the Crown Tower gets decimated; or when battle and overtime ends. Our Game review can be used to gain more information about the quality of the game.

A player can earn trophies from battles won which enables him to open other Arenas. Arenas also open up various cards, and increase chest rewards, and gold, among other things.
Opposing players battle against live tournament on small maps highlighted by six buildings. The respective players get 3 buildings each.  The goal is to decimate the opponent’s Crown Towers while defending his own. This can be done by distributing personnel from his Card deck anywhere within his territory. A particular amount of Elixer is needed for each card to deploy.  The player has to wait for the elixir to regenerate before he could deploy his next army or use a spell. A player can collect more cards if he can unlock Chests rewarded from battles or from purchasing it the store.



Battle Deck:


A player’s battle deck, which consists of 8 cards, is the card rotation he wants to use in the battle. He can change this by tapping the card he wants to put into his deck and press, Use, before clicking in the card he wants to remove from his  deck. The player can also drag the cards if he wants to rearrange his deck. The player can find the cost of the Elixer used for all his cards below the battle deck. The first 4 cards in his deck are randomly selected. His selected deck is the one he will use in the match.


Fighting and Damage:


The player’s army will take the closest target enemy. Once in combat, they will automatically attack that target. Though they can’t move, the defensive buildings act just like troops. The idle troops will move towards the opponent’s side. Some spells do Crown Towers a 40% damage. Arena Towers fire on their enemies and those within their range. A King Tower fires at opponents only after it sustained damaged or a player’s Arena Tower is decimated.




To win a battle, a player should decimate crown towers more than his enemy. If he decimates the enemy’s King’s Tower, he wins automatically. Though quite rare, it is possible for the player and the enemy to destroy each King’s Tower simultaneously. With only 3 minutes of gameplay, the player who decimates more towers when the time is up wins.

In case of a tie, that is, the respective players destroy the same number of towers during the 3-minute battle, a minute long overtime commences.

In the overtime period, whoever gets to destroy the first tower automatically wins. For friendly games and tournaments, the overtime is three minutes long. If the overtime ends with neither player destroying any tower, the battle obviously is a draw.  In this case, the players will not lose or gain any of the trophies they earned. Another option to win the game is to use the clash royale hack which provides free gems and gold in the game.




The game is all about cards. These cards can be obtained from chests or players can purchase it using gold. The four levels of a card’s rarity are common (blue), rare (orange), epic (purple) and legendary (rainbow)